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EPO SELF – 854

Epoxy based, two components, curing chemically, solvent free, self-leveling epoxy top


Epoxy based, two components, curing
chemically, solvent free, self-leveling epoxy
top coat

Epoxy based, two components, curing
chemically, solvent free, self-leveling epoxy
top coat.

High resistant to chemicals.
Solvent free
Easy application
High resistant for mechanics.
Dry in a short time.
It perfectly covers the surface as
Fast application

Indoor applications,
Food production facilities,
Warehouse and facilities,
Mall and shopping centers,
Protection cover in industrial surface
Sewage and waste facilities,
Paper pulp and paper facilities.

( 23 °C Temparature and 50 % for relative
Color : Vary – please contact
Density 20°C: 1,7 gr/cm3
Mixing Ratio : 4 / 1 weight
Flash Point : >90 °C
Application Temperature : +5°C +30°C
Heat Resistance : 121 °C Dry
Compressive Strenght : ~55 N / mm²
Bending Strenght : ~ 25 N / mm2
Absorbing Resistance : Taber :70mg
Hardness Shore D : 80
Adherance (Concrate) : >1,5 N / mm2
Shelf Life : 12 months
Consume : 0,200 – 0,500 Kg /m²
Solid Content : %100
VOC :31 g/lt
Pot Life : 40 minutes (20°C de)
Dry Time : 10 hours
Coating Again : 8-24 hours
Total Dry :7 days
***These values were obtained as a result
of laboratory tests, just contain finished
applications according to drying time
performance. Due to differences in
temperature and humidity values in the
construction site, the values may change.

Surface Preparation:
The surface; must be cured, dry and
durable. Loose surface mortar and such as
residues should be cleaned and reached
durable surface.
In case of the necessity the surface should
cleaned mechanically
Oil, grease, dirt, paint, salt and vomiting that
prevent adhesion should be removed.

Preparation Of The Mixture:
Must be ensure that the temperature of the
product is between +15°C to +25°C before
the mixing.
Before starting A and B components, the
packages should be 400 rpm until they
reach homogeneous consistency.
It should be mixed with a speed mixer.
Mixed A + B should be mixed by a 400 rpm
low speed mixer for a few minutes until it
reaches a homogenous consistency to
make ready DAYMAN EPO SELF 854 for
the application.
Remain parts of the mixing bowl and spread
part of the product should be added in to
Also according to the selected system, 0.1-
0.3 mm dry silica sand can be used by
mixing 30%.
Pot life is 0 minutes in 25°C.
While the higher temperatures decreasing
the pot life the lower temperatures increase.

It is spread on the ground with a toothed
trowel to obtain the specified thickness.
The coating spread to the floor, when it
reaches the appropriate consistency
depending on the temperature, apply with
the spiked roller to take possible air.
Wait for a minimum of 4 days before using.
The expired, gelling mixture should not be
used and should be disposed of.
Should be used before the pot life is expire

The product is ready in sets and should not
be divided and the eye decision and mixed.
Temperature should be between +5 °C and
+35 °C during the application.
Do not apply on surfaces that are at risk of
In addition, it should not be applied in
extremely hot, rainy or windy weather.
Ensure that the ambient and floor
temperature is between 5 ° C and 30 ° C.
Products should be stored at room
temperature 24 hours before use.
In cold weather, the reaction will slow down
due to the increase in viscosity and the
application time will be longer,
the consumption will increase. Therefore, it
is the most suitable temperature range
between 20 ° C and 25 ° C for easy
application of environment and products.
At high temperatures, the reaction and
application time interval will be accelerated.
After the application, it should be protected
from rain, water, frost and negative external
factors for 24 hours.

DAYMAN EPO SELF 854 should be
cleaned by solvent when it wet.
DAYMAN EPO SELF 854 after become dry
should be cleaned by the mechanical ways.

0,500 – 2, 00 kg/m². depending on surface

A+B component: 20, 00 kg

Various – please contact

1 year from the production date under
proper storage conditions.
Should be storage between the temperature
of the DAYMAN EPO – SELF 854 5 °C with
25° C

Do not smoke during the application and
work in a well-ventilated place and away
from naked flames.
Hands and eyes should be protected by
protection equipment.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse
immediately with plenty of water and seek
medical advice.
Food and beverage materials should not be
kept in the application area and should not
be eaten.
It should be known that the solvent is
heavier than air, so remember that it will be
on the ground.
Store out of reach of children.
This product packaging must be disposed of
in accordance with applicable laws.
This responsibility rests with the end user of
the product.
For more information please check the
Material Safety Data Sheet.

The information in this technical data sheet
is given according to technical information,
experience and test result.
As GENERALTÜRK A.Ş. cannot control the
usage of the product that used under which
kind of conditions, it does not accept any
responsibility for the application result and
does not guarantee it.
The product suitability for the product user
should be tested and decided accordingly.
All products should be considered in the
advice of those technical knowledge and
GENERAL TURK A.Ş can not accept any
resposibility that occures because of missuse,it only responsible for the written
suggestions that shows the products where
and how use.
GENERALTÜRK A.Ş. It may change the
properties of its products without
The technical data sheet is valid until the
next time it is printed and all previous
technical data sheets invalidate the

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