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HARD C – 702

Hardening product that cement based, corundum aggregate


It is a surface hardening product that
cement based, corundum aggregate, high
surface abrasion resistance, special
chemical additive, ready-to use, applied in a
powder form by sprinkling.

It is a surface hardening product that
cement based, corundum aggregate, high
surface abrasion resistance, special
chemical additive, ready-to use, applied in a
powder form by sprinkling.

It has much higher strength than concrete
The hardness grade is high.
Retarding the surface dusting.
Provides a smooth and homogeny
Low permeability.
Has natural decorative appearance.
Applied easy and practical.
It is durable to vehicle traffics,
Easy and fast prepare.

Indoors and outdoors,
To create decorative anti-corrosive coating
for industrial building floors,
To create a ground with high wear
resistance in areas exposed to vehicle
Factory, warehouse, heliport, underground
In all mineral based floor covering areas
such as parking lot, school, shopping
center, metro stations,
It is used to strengthen the surfaces of
bearing concrete and screeds.
The surface hardener application is to
increase the abrasion, dusting and impact
strength of the selected concrete on the
concrete surface.

( 23 °C Temparature and 50 % for relative
Dry Bulk Density : 1650 kg/m3
Compressive Strenght 28 days: ≥ 42
Bending Strenght 28 days : ≥ 7,2 N/mm2
Water Absorb : ≤ 10 gr
Color : Grey,red
Total Curing Time : 28 days
Application Temperature : +5°C +35°C
***These values were obtained as a result
of laboratory tests, just contain finished
applications according to drying time
performance. Due to differences in
temperature and humidity values in the
construction site, the values may change.

Surface Preparation:
The concrete to be cast must be at least
C25 quality.
All precautions should be taken to prevent
concrete from cracking
(Mesh steel, Fiber fiber additive, steel wire
additive etc.).
Concrete must be at least 7 cm thick.
Pay attention to water cement ratio should
not be over 0.45

Preparation Of The Mixture:
The product is ready for use, after opening
the bag, transfer it to a clean bucket.
Then the application starts.

Before starting HARD-C – 702, the concrete
surface should be smoothened with a
wooden trowel or gauge.
Since the timing may vary according to
weather conditions, the application can be
done when 0.5 – 1.5 cm footprint remains
after hardening.
Concrete should lose its water, but it should
not dry out completely.
Apply 5-10 cm wide product in order to
increase the strength at the main joints.
2/3 of the product is applied by sprinkling on
the surface to cover the whole surface.
The product should not be sprinkled from a
far distance. In these and similar
applications, the product may separate into
particles and the manufacturing of the
desired quality may not be possible.
When the product absorbs the water
sufficiently (color changes), it is smoothed
by trowel or wooden trowel.
The remaining 1/3 of the product should be
sprinkled on the surface as in the first
application and the application should be
After the tray polishing, start doing slicker in
order to have glossy surface.
If the joint is going to be cut, the concrete
should be expected to reach sufficient
After the application, the surface should be
covered with DAYMAN AC-CURE-710 or
DAYMAN P-CURE-711 in order to prevent
the concrete from a shrinkage crack
because of not discharged water and to
arrive suitable hardness.

The surface temperature during application
should be between +5 °C and+35 °C
Do not apply on surfaces that are at risk of
The product must be protected from rain,
water, frost and the other external factors
until curing.
The timing of the finishing process is very
important for the quality of the surface
Do not apply early or too late.
Protect from water contact and pedestrian
traffic for 24 hours aft application.

DAYMAN HARD–C – 702 – should be
cleaned by water when it wet.
DAYMAN HARD–C – 702 – after become dry
should be cleaned by the mechanical ways.

Various 4,00 – 6,00 kg/ dm³

Powder 25, 00 kg. Craft bag
Pallet 110×110
Qty on pallet 64

Grey, Red

1 year from the production date under
proper storage conditions.
Opened packages should be kept tightly
Wear suitable protective clothing, protective
gloves, goggles and mask during

As it cement based, do not breath and do
not touch with skin and eyes,
Due to the irritating effects of uncured
materials, skin and eyes should not be
contacted, in case of contact with wash
plenty of water and soap, if swallowed seek
medical attention immediately.
Food and beverage materials should not be
kept in the application area and should not
be eaten.
Store out of reach of children.
This product packaging must be disposed of
in accordance with applicable laws.
For more information please check the
Material Safety Data Sheet.

The information in this technical data sheet
is given according to technical information,
experience and test result.
As GENERALTÜRK A.Ş. cannot control the
usage of the product that used under which
kind of conditions, it does not accept any
responsibility for the application result and
does not guarantee it.
The product suitability for the product user
should be tested and decided accordingly.
All products should be considered in the
advice of those technical knowledge and
GENERAL TURK A.Ş can not accept any
resposibility that occures because of missuse,it only responsible for the written
suggestions that shows the products where
and how use.
GENERALTÜRK A.Ş. It may change the
properties of its products without
The technical data sheet is valid until the
next time it is printed and all previous
technical data sheets invalidate the

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